Is it Possible to Forget?

Is it possible to forget?

No, I do not think it is.

Forget the hurt, forget the pain, forget heartache?

Yes, it is possible to forget those.

But to forget a person?

Our mind may forget, but our heart and our soul?

They will always remember.


Is it possible to forget?

If you mean to forget the details of a memory,

it is possible to forget.

But to forget the love of someone dear to you?

It cannot be possible to forget that.


Is it possible to forget?

To forget a face is possible.

To forget a laugh is possible.

To forget a scent or a sound or a touch is possible.

But to forget the love that you felt,

That is never truly possible.


Minds forget. People forget. Society forgets.

But a heart cannot forget what once made it sing.

A soul cannot forget what it felt with another soul.


Is it possible to forget?

Yes, it is possible to forget, but only if you lose your soul.


My God is Here

If you were here, I’d sleep upon your knee.

If you were here, I know you would hold me.

If you were here, I know I’d be okay.

If your were here, I know I’d find my way.

If you were here, my Savior and my friend,

I know with you kindness would never end.

If you were here, my Father God, Daddy.

If you were here, that’s what you’d be to me.

If you were here, I’d hug you every day.

If you were here, I’d always want to stay. 

If you were here, my eyes would never cry.

If you were here, I would not want to die.

If you were here…

But you are near…

Your spirit is with me.

Yes, you are here, because your love fills me.

Since you are here, you will stay in my heart.

Since you are here, your love will never part.

Oh you are here! So hold me as I sleep.

Yes, you are here! Help me this feeling keep.

You are so near, that I can almost see

Your loving face, feel arms surrounding me.

I hear your voice. I feel a gentle touch.

This world sometimes, it simply feels too much.

But I will rest, find peace within your arms.

Keep holding me, free me from all that harms.

Oh Father dear and my big brother too,

I know I’m safe when I am with you two.

Please hold me close as I pray fervently.

I feel your love surround me so gently.

My Father God, my caring Dad above,

My Heavenly Mom, and all of your great love.

Please stay right here… Don’t let me fear…

Your love is dear, for you are near…

Suicidal Thoughts

There’s a darkness in my mind that the light can’t seem to find.

Shards of glass break ten times more when they’re stepped on on the floor.

I’m drowning in a sea of tears. Does nothing change over the years?

I’m searching, grasping for something real, anything else that I can feel.

I feel like this will be the end for I cannot still pretend.


Yet something whispers…

“Don’t extinguish fish for fear of fleas.”


Tears, like hot sweat streaming down your face,
Letting out the pain to a different place.
Tears tell the stories that words could never say
Because we’re all trying hard to just be okay.
Tears, let them fall, let them take over you,
To stop you from the bad things that you want to do.
Tears, let the tears fall. Let them come down like rain
To clear out your head and take away the pain.
Tears, hold the tears in the palm of your hand,
Because if you hold them in your heart they’ll never understand.

Do You Love Me?

I know it’s a dumb question because you’re always telling me,

But do you love me?

I know you tell me every day and you show it, but I still need to ask,

Do you love me?

I know you just told me you love me, but I’ll probably ask again tomorrow,

Do you love me?

Is it silly to want to hear it? I know you do, but will you tell me anyway,

Do you love me?

And will you always love me?

Will you always care?

I know life might get in the way sometimes, but I hope you don’t forget to love me.

I want you to love me.

I need you to love me.

Will you?

Do you love me?



To My Dearest Friend

You think you don’t help me, but really, you do.
I think that you help me much more than I help you.
I don’t know, maybe I’m not good at letting you know,
I can’t really say things so I try to do things to show
How much I love you because it’s really a lot.
You help me so much, changing every bad thought.
I wish I could tell you all that you do for me.
I wish I could show you enough that you could see
All that you’ve done and how you’ve changed me.
I’m not even close to the friend I’d like to be,
But you continue to love me when I’m not worth your love,
You have as much grace as an angel above.
I don’t even know if you know this poem is for you,
But hopefully you’ll see that my friendship is true.
And please always know that you are enough,
Even though getting past my problems is tough.
You do more than you’ll ever see.
And it’s because of your love that I choose to be me.

Thoughts while Falling (Part 2)

All these thoughts inside my head,
Telling me I want to be dead.
Pictures that keep playing in my mind,
Thoughts that I can’t leave behind.
When does all the darkness end?
When will I be okay again?
I am struggling in this fight.
It gets harder to see the light.
And I don’t know what is real,
Other than this pain I feel.
I can’t keep going, I contend…
But I’m trying for a friend.
Maybe you feel darkness too?
Maybe I’m here to help you?
Maybe all this struggle now
Will one day help someone somehow.
Until then I’ll keep on striving,
Doing more than just surviving.
And one day I’ll find my hope.
Until then I’ll try to cope.
Maybe you can help a friend?
Maybe you can help my darkness end?
Maybe you can help me through?
I’d be forever grateful to you.